Brian Zick

Brian Zick is an old commercial hack, who has for eons serviced a whole bunch of really really big big-time clients (it would be gauche to drop names). His post avant-garde neo-derivative stylings display an amalgam of diverse creative influences (he rips off the best). Brian has yet to write an opera, but he always puts the toilet seat back down, and he never goes to bed without first brushing his teeth.

Brian’s exceedingly modest ego - roughly equivalent in size to the contiguous 48 states, albeit fragile as delicate china - prompts him to note that examples of his work have found their way into the permanent collection at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and numerous personal collections, including those of a most honorable member of the United States House of Representatives and several prominent and beloved media personalities. Brian also enjoys the great distinction of having had his work exhibited in the Louvre (1984), rather abbreviated though the show was and despite the need of a somewhat hasty denouement, due to an unfortunate oversight in making prior arrangements with easily excitable museum authorities.

Brian resides in a realm of total fantasy existence, wherein he is celebrated far and wide by the female populace for his skillful conduct of romantic endeavors.