Van Gogh Montage

Van Gogh believed that to be a great painter one must first master drawing and only later begin to work with color. When he felt he was ready, he began to experiment with the dramatically bold use of color that would become part of his signature oeuvre . Less well known than his vivid style is Van Gogh’s motivation for his liberal use of paint and color; he said that rather than use colors realistically, he employed them to capture mood and emotion and to express himself more forcefully—a radical idea for the time.

Indeed, Van Gogh remains one of the most original artists in history. His powerful and dramatic style is immediately identifiable. His liberal use of paint—straight from tube—and his signature thick, heavy strokes lend themselves perfectly to the animation magic of our Van Gogh Video Montage. A gently turning windmill borders a farm in the sleepy Dutch countryside. Day becomes night as a familiar Van Gogh sky swirls from bright and cloud-filled into deep Prussian blue. Large swirling stars twinkle, a fiery crescent moon emerges and fades away, wide sweeps of light appear and disappear like rivers of shooting stars while the thick brushstrokes pulsate rhythmically in the dramatic night sky.

Van Gogh painted with a sense of urgency, and thanks to the motion and progression of images brought to life in the Americhip Studio Van Gogh Montage, the artist’s intensity is visible. And the emotion he sought to convey is almost palpable.