Klimt Montage

Klimt was a Symbolist painter whose sensual, erotic style had a great influence on the Art Nouveau movement. In the early part of his career, Klimt and his brother designed the interiors of magnificent theaters, and the artist’s apparent love of costume is expressed in the ornate clothing in which he adorns many of his subjects. He spent most of his life in Vienna and traveled infrequently, but he was greatly influenced by the beautiful mosaics he saw during his trips to Venice and Ravenna. The artistry he saw there inspired his use of ornamentation and the gold leaf that has made his paintings some of the most expensive in the world today.

The Americhip Studio Klimt Video Montage brings together several images from some of the painter’s most iconic works: a tree with coiling, swirling branches very gradually emerging from within a patchwork of flowers is followed by images of women and men that convey the primal forces of love, sexuality, death, and rebirth—the dominant themes of the artist’s work. Digital technology gives this montage a surreal, almost magical feel as images appear and disappear and elements from one painting flutter and bubble and float through the next, creating a distinct sense of connection between the works of art.