Gauguin Montage

Gauguin was a leading figure in the Post-Impressionist, Symbolist, and Synthesist Movements in art. And later he became associated with Primitivism and Pastoral art, His alignment with all these schools of art combine to make his style original and easily identifiable.

Gauguin found inspiration medieval stained glass and in Japanese prints, but when he sailed for the South Seas it was to escape all the conventionalism and artifice of European civilization, and in his new island life his art began to express more of a“back to basics” simplicity. He spent most of the rest of his life in the Tropics, and although his original painting style—flat forms, expressive use of color, lack of attention to perspective— remained unchanged, his paintings became both more powerful and more simplified.

Americhip Studio has recaptured some of Gauguin’s beloved tropical settings that often focused on indigenous people and their cultures. Clouds of pale yellows and pinks glide over distant, shadowed mountains and across a calm, blue sky. Bright orange trees, a man astride a white horse, girls eating fruit and napping in the Tahitian sunshine—these are some of the beautiful images that make up the Gauguin Video Montage.