Renoir Montage

Abandoning the traditional idea of artist-in-studio, the Impressionists took their canvases outdoors where they could recreate their impressions of the natural world and the effects of various stages and qualities of light. While critics said that the works looked unfinished, the paintings were lauded the world over for their originality, and they even inspired Impressionist movements in music and literature.

One of the most renowned Impressionists, Renoir favored scenes of relaxation and revelry. His paintings are notable for their vivid light and rich use of color and his free brush strokes that allow figures to gently fuse with each other and the world around them. The Americhip Studio Renoir Montage follows the artist’s direction by subtly blending several of his most memorable images: a gently rolling river, elegantly dressed women and men standing by the river’s edge, a mother and child collecting flowers, people gathered in a bustling café, dancers swaying together on an outdoor dance floor. The movement of the water, the appearance and disappearance of restaurant patrons, the barely perceptible nodding of heads and blinking of eyes—there is a subtle progression that keeps the scenes at once captivating and evolving.