Johannes Boekhoudt

Boekhoudt was born in Curacao in 1966. He was inducted into the art world professionally in New York. Since then, he has presented exhibitions in public and private museums. His paintings are displayed in several Latin American countries, Europe, Asia, and Africa. At the present time, he lives and works in USA.

Johannes Boekhoudt is a Caribbean and Latin American Artist. As a self-taught Artist, he became well known in Central America and the Caribbean. In the 80’s, he started creating portrait and landscape drawings on paper. Over the years, Johannes has experimented with pointillism and impressionism, eventually focusing on expressionist art.   Johannes has exhibited in several Museums in Central America and has been published in several magazines and art books. His paintings mostly belong to high-end art collectors and museums. 

Johannes is continuously inspired by the world around him; he evaluates situations and the different societies he has experienced and then realizes them as an exclusive, limited-edition series of paintings. By means of oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas, he creates communication through art. He specializes in large format paintings to invoke his message. He is active in the world community through entities such as a Down Syndrome Foundation in Guatemala and the HRC Human Rights Campaign in Washington DC.