Monet Montage

During an 1874 exhibit in Paris, a Claude Monet painting entitled Impression, Sunrise compelled an art critic to dub Monet’s style “Impression.” Although intended to be derogatory, the term appropriately embodied the revolutionary style that Monet and other painters of the time were bringing to fine art. These new artists experimented boldly with the effects of light, rapid brushstrokes, and disconnection between colors. Monet was considered one of the fathers of this movement that would become associated with an instinctive tendency to want to keep moving and thus express movement in the work.

The gentle turn of a windmill’s blades, a thatched hut made of hay, raindrops falling into a lily pond, an ocean inlet full of sailboats idling in the water as an orange sun gradually sets on the horizon. In the Monet Video Montage, these classic Monet images fuse and blend into each other creating a sensation of time passing while also appearing timeless.