About Us

Americhip Studio and Video Art

It has been said that art’s greatest power is its ability to make us see things differently— even to such a degree that we can never return to our old ways of seeing. Throughout history some of the greatest and most prolific artists have also been visionaries in design, science, and technology. They see things differently. They imagine how methods, materials, and previous knowledge can be combined to give birth to new possibilities, and the world has always been better for it. This spirit of originality is at the heart of Americhip Studio’s Video Art line. Modern-day digital technology meets timeless artistic beauty in a series of distinctly original pieces that engage and communicate in ways never before imagined.

Small and large displays—all distinctive art pieces in their own right—offer fresh ways to share video images in the privacy of a home or in a business. As you peruse the Americhip Studio Video Art line, you’ll notice that you begin to have creative ideas about how and where our video displays might best serve the design and goals of your home, your gallery, your lobby, your luxury hotel, your fine restaurant—your unique upscale setting. As you experience the art of Americhip Studio, you’ll begin to see things differently.

About Americhip

Americhip is a team of talented and highly skilled artists, technicians, and inventors—visionaries who lead the world in the creation and application of Multisensory print and media experiences. Put simply: every day we’re finding new ways to use the senses to communicate and innovate. Within Americhip is the very special Americhip Studio, where we merge traditional and modern art and design with contemporary technologies to create communication vehicles that are entirely original.